I give all glory to God, the God of this commission. The inaugurator Matthew 6:33. He has not left Himself without a witness again!

When OPERATION COMPEL THEM TO COME(April 18th-1st May) was declared, I made up mind to engage by praying and reaching out to souls, so I woke up to pray in the early hours of the day before going to the Covenant Hour of Prayer on my way to work. I also engaged during my break periods at work. On the second day of Operation Compel them to Come, the Award Committee of my organization came from the head office to interview me as one of the nominees for an award.  I continued in the place of prayer and reaching out. To the glory of God, I emerged in the second position as the BEST TEACHER IN MY DISTRICT. I am less than five years in this profession, but the God of this commission has chosen to decorate and lift me up! In addition, I had a pressing accommodation challenge which God also miraculously solved. Indeed, Matthew.6:33. works and God is not a user, but a rewarder of them that serve Him. Also, eight of my students received international Awards. To God alone be all the glory! Ekundayo F.

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