In 2015, my family and I key into the first phase of Wonder Double Agenda and ever since then we have been committed to praying kingdom advancement prayers, winning souls, all kinds of kingdom giving, all to the glory of God, we had our heart desires but we kept it aside, we held on to what you always says, when you are due you will not be denied, and our God is not a user of men.  Today the God of the wonder double did the following
Healed me of diabetes, made me pregnant after three miscarriages and now we have our second child, sustained my husband at his place of work after threat of sack, and his salary increased.  His salary that was held for 9months all payed at once, two years rent which was due paid at once, God bought us a Jeep, God bought us a land. Kingdom advancement endeavours indeed can advance anyone who is committed, thank you sir, God bless you for being used of God to show us our indeed our case can be different.  TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY. Mrs Blessing O.

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